Arkas Abrasive Products and Hand Tools San. Tic. Ltd. has been producing in Izmir since 1986 under the brand of “TEKTAŞ” non-sparking safety tools. As a result of the studies and market researches, TEKTAŞ non-sparking safety tools manufacture is provided with patented alloy that does not contain Beryllium element, which causes lung and skin cancer, and at the desired hardness according to the applications.

TEKTAŞ non-sparking hand tools produced with the alloy in question have passed the relevant tests and are suitable for use even in  Zone 0 and Zone 20 explosive environments, which are the most risky working areas defined in the ATEX regulation and related standards. In this sense, it provides superiority against Beryllium-Copper and Aluminum-Bronze alloys, even in the most dangerous environments in terms of human health.